Introducing: Component Warehouse

Contribute code, Find the code you need

Makers are innovative and creative people, always searching for new and exciting projects and components. We want to give our users the best wiring experience and add as many components to as possible.

Contribute a Component

In January, we invited our users to contribute components that they’d like to add to We received amazing feedback for this addition, with over 50 contributed components by 40 different contributors. This showed us that we have an engaging community that is willing to help us grow our tool and reach more and more people.Some of the components that were contributed are already on while others are in our backlog and will be added in the future.

component contribution
component contribution

Code contribution – Lite components

To address thousands of component requests coming in from our users, we’ve decided to change our approach to new components. We’re going to introduce many components with wiring first, and then go on to enrich them with code functionality – This means many more components are going to appear on in a very short time, so you will truly be able to wire anything to anything with

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