D2F-FL Micro Switch

The Micro Switch, short for miniature snap-action switch, is an electric switch actuated by very little physical force, using a small snapping mechanism made with two split springs. Microswitches are available in a variety of terminal variations of sizes and shapes.


  • Reliable and durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Many sizes and shapes

Micro Switch circuits

How to wire Micro Switch with Arduino Uno

How to wire Micro Switch with NodeMCU

How to wire Micro Switch with Arduino Pro mini

The micro switch is a mechanical device used to open or close connections in an electrical circuit.

It has 3 terminals:

  1. NO – Normally Open
  2. NC – normally closed
  3. COM – Common

In its non activated state COM is connected to NC.

When pressed the switch toggles the connection from COM to NO.