Servo Motor Generic Metal Gear (Micro Size)

A servo motor is a linear or rotary actuator with a rotation detector (encoder) mounted on the back shaft side to detect the position and speed of the rotor. The servo motor is not a specific type of motor but rather a combination of a DC motor coupled with a control unit and encoder.


  • Versatility
  • Easy to control and program via digital output
  • High Precision
  • does not require control loop computations


  • High power draw
  • Usually more expensive than other motors
  • Not suitable for heavy loads (when plastic gear)

Servo Motor Circuits

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    Servo motor generic metal gear micro size.

Projects with Servo Motor

A servo motor is a combination of a DC motor, an Encoder (sensor) and a control unit. These are connected together in a position control loop.

Servo motor control loop
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In our circuit we use a microcontroller, e.g. Arduino, to send a PWM signal to the servo motor that corresponds to a specific location. In a rotary servo motor this is the angle of rotation.

What is a Control Loop?

  1. The control unit translates the PWM signal to the desired location – this is used as Reference.
  2. Reads the encoder and calculates the error between measured and reference values.
  3. Calculates and sends a control command to the motor.
  4. Execute 2 and 3 continuously until the error is 0 – meaning the shaft arrived to the desired position

The servo motor has a built-in driver that controls the order of electrical impulses sent to the motor through the amplifier.

 Motor Range Speed (sec/60°) Torque  (oz-in) Operating Voltage (DC) Price
Servo – Generic Continuous Rotation (Micro Size) 360° 0.14 30.6 4.8-6V High
Continuous Rotation Micro Servo – FS90R 360° 0.36 20.86 5V Med
Servo – Generic Metal Gear (Micro Size) 180° 0.18 38.88-44.43 4.8-6V Med
Standard Size – High Torque – Metal Gear Servo – MG995 120-170° NA 138.87 5-6V High
9G Micro Servo 180° NA 22.22 5V Low