LM35 Analog Temperature Sensor

The LM35 is a precision integrated-circuit temperature sensor with a linearly proportional output to the centigrade temperature. The LM35 doesn’t require external calibration to provide typically-used accuracies at room temperature and has a full range of temperatures between -55° and 150° Celsius.


  • Accurate
  • Calibrated Directly in Celsius
  • Wide temperature range (−55°C to 150°C )
  • Can be used in remote applications
  • Low-Cost
  • Power efficient

LM35 Circuits

How to wire the temperature sensor to Arduino Uno
How to Wire the temperature sensor to NodeMCU
How to wire the temperature sensor to Arduino Gemma

  • LM35
    LM35 Temperature sensor
Protocol library Accuracy Measuring range price Other capabilities
LM35 Analog Not required ±0.5°C -55-150°C Low NA
TMP102 I2C Required ±0.5°C –40°-125°C Med NA
DHT22 OneWire (digital) Required ±0.5°C -40-125°C High Humidity sensor
DS18B20 OneWire (digital) Required ±0.5°C –55-125°C High NA
BMP180 I2C Required NA -40-85°C Low Barometric Pressure and Altitude Sensor
MLX90614 I2C Required ±0.5° -40-85°C High Remote temperature sensing with IR
BME280 I2C Required NA NA High Humidity and Pressure

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